Webster & Associates Completes Defense Contractor Academy

On November 15th, 2012, Deborah Webster, Founder of Webster & Associates, received a diploma and Certificate of Completion from the Defense Contractor Academy. The Defense Contractor Academy offers advanced instruction and a certificate of completion to existing, small business defense contractors to provide the tools needed to grow the defense contracting portion of their business portfolio.

The course series was offered through both the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) and the Turner School of Construction Management and consisted of 9 classes over the span of three days - from November 13 to November 15, 2012. Held at the Turner School of Construction Management in Greensboro, NC, the class was made interactive by including presentation of material as well as a panel or guest business(es) to discuss their experiences regarding the topic of the session.

Here are some examples of the classes Deborah took part in during the three-day course:
  • DoD Federal Contracting Fundamentals, Small Business Programs & Business Development Tools
  • Rules of the Road: Federal/DoD Source Selection and Contract Processes in Competitive Acquisitions
  • Leveraging Non-Competitive Acquisitions and Sources of Supply: General Service Administration (GSA), Ability One, Federal Prison Industries (FPI)
  • Financing Government Contracts
  • Teaming Arrangements, Joint Ventures, Mentor-Protégé Programs and Limitations on Subcontracting

This exceptionally helpful program - created to give small construction companies a leg up in a tough business - has graduated its first class of companies and Webster & Associates is pleased to be among them.

Turner Construction is an $8 billion worldwide construction firm, which has been holding such classes across the country since 1969. Since October, the Turner School of Construction Management has been holding weekly sessions free for minority- and women-owned contractors who need a crash course in the complexities of their business.

On Wednesday evening, Webster & Associates was among 15 different companies that graduated from the program, which was created locally in partnership with Guilford County Schools and the state university system.

Turner Construction builds schools and other public buildings, said Tammie E. Hall of Guilford County Schools, and it is interested in building a pool of qualified minority- and women-owned contractors.

The school district tries to make sure 12.4 percent of contractors on any project are owned by minorities or women. Webster & Associates succeeds at getting its foot in the door with major contracting opportunities, and hopes to see more of this kind of business into 2013.

To learn more about NCMBC's Defense Contractor Academy and upcoming events like this one, please visit www.NCMBC.us.