The Guilford Building News Features Deborah Webster

Webster & Associates has moved locations! Located now in the heart of downtown Greensboro, NC, Deborah Webster moved her company into The Guilford Building. She is excited about this change of space and was recently featured in The Guilford Building's August 2013 newsletter:


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Webster & Associates Completes Defense Contractor Academy

On November 15th, 2012, Deborah Webster, Founder of Webster & Associates, received a diploma and Certificate of Completion from the Defense Contractor Academy. The Defense Contractor Academy offers advanced instruction and a certificate of completion to existing, small business defense contractors to provide the tools needed to grow the defense contracting portion of their business portfolio.

The course series was offered through
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Microstamping Could Give Forensics a Much-Needed Upgrade

Brand new developments have been in the making within the forensics industry. There is a new technique that provides a more efficient way of determining crucial evidence details. This latest approach is called microstamping. It involves laser technology -- stamping a numeric code on shell casings to identify a firearm used in a crime. This shell casing could immediately be tracked to the gun that fired it and could prove invaluable to forensics crime labs all across the country.

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A Stirring Outcome Today in Washington

On June 6, 2012, Senate Republicans blocked the Pay Equity Bill. This bill would have let women more easily litigate their way to pay equality. Studies show that women make about 77 cents to the male dollar, reflecting the obvious gap between annual earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on median hourly pay, women make 86 percent as much as men.

Being a small, woman-owned business, Webster & Associates feels women should have the right to voice

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VA Governor Issues Out Policy Statement

The statement below was sent to Deborah Webster, owner of Webster & Associates. The following Policy Statement was sent by the Governor of Virginia, detailing specific goals and policies the VA government aims to adhere to regarding small businesses, procurement opportunities, and the competition involved.

Commonwealth of Virginia
Office of the Governor
Supplier Diversity Policy Statement