Webster gets Forensics

Webster & Associates provides specialized products that meet customers’ requirements. With competitive pricing, we’ll help you find the right equipment, products, and supplies for your facility.

Police/Crime Scene Investigation Forensics

The forensics field is growing every day in law enforcement and police investigations, with advanced techniques constantly on the rise. Webster is able to provide you with state of the art products.

Medical Forensics

In order to provide medical examiners with the most reliable equipment for f
orensic pathology services, Webster & Associates relies on the highest industry standards for excellence and satisfaction. We understand how important it is to get forensic data right the first time, and so we assure you the most valued and high-performance equipment and supplies you need on a daily basis.

Webster & Associates prides itself on meeting your needs for an efficient, safe, and reliable working environment.

We can provide you with products such as:
- Autopsy Saws
Dissecting, Autopsy, Mortuary, & Necropsy Tables
Dissecting Instruments
- Morgue Equipment
- Refrigerator Units
- Sterilizers & Autoclaves

These are some of the vendors we work with for Police/Crime Forensics:

These are some of the vendors we work with for Medical Forensics:

Here are just a few of the clients Webster & Associates
has worked with:

State of Maryland Office of Chief Medical Examiner
Maryland Department of State Police

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