A purchasing firm that has grown through its experience

Webster & Associates was founded in 1991 by Deborah Webster, an entrepreneur who spent the first half of her career in healthcare administration.

The firm’s first client was The American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, DC. Building upon this experience, Webster & Associates partnered with independent blood centers in 1993 to expand the group purchasing program. The program, available to 80 independent blood centers nationwide, grew from five contracts to over 90 during a six-year period. Also, Webster & Associates provided consulting services on a variety of projects.

In addition to working with blood centers, Webster & Associates launched the Physicians & Clinics Purchasing Program in 1993. The program was initially offered as part of United Healthcare of North Carolina's Select Physician/Provider Services Program. Since the initial launch, the program has been expanded and currently is open to all physicians, clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals nationwide. Through the program, contracts for medical supplies, products, services, and equipment are available.

Webster has focused on other niche healthcare sectors, developing and launching purchasing programs for plasma collection centers, plasma fractionation facilities, blood banks, tissue and organ banks, and biotechnology companies. Webster & Associates continues to uncover niche markets with a need for purchasing and consulting solutions.

Since 2002, the firm has partnered with Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific Products to service laboratory and research customers. Fisher and VWR are major scientific product distributors with extensive product lines available for laboratories and biotechnology companies.

In the past five years, Webster’s experience has grown to include education, libraries, forensic laboratories, and more. Clients include any business that needs wholesale, competitive procurement services.

Today, Webster is ready to address nearly any industry’s requirements.
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